iPhone 3G 16GB Unboxed with first impressions

100_2186.JPGA year ago I thought the original iPhone looked bulky and not necessary as I had a 30GB iPod video and an o2 XDA. However since then I’ve sold my XDA and my iPod was involved in an accident and now ceases to function so with my situation changed my outlook on the iPhone followed suit.  The ease of not carrying an iPod and phone/pda separately was too big appeal to turn down and with the release of the new iPhone 3G my mind was made up. With the two variants of 8GB and 16GB I would have liked a bigger capacity, I was spoilt for space with my old iPod so when I downsized I knew I would have to be more picky with my music. As a result I opted for the 16GB model thinking I would fill about 40% with music 30% with videos/films and the last 30% with applications or other data.  That was my plan anyway…I’ll see how it worked out in the full review next week.

100_2187.JPGNow I’m not going to go through the labourous task of unboxing it by describing every single plug and cable that comes with it as I’m sure you’ve watched enough of them on youtube over the last month. You can see it quickly done in the video accompanying this blog post.

When I first took it out of the box I was amazed at how light it felt; I had expected it to weigh a couple of my old iPods but Apple have distributed the weight well and you won’t feel like you have a brick in your pocket.  This links with the new back curved design which psychologically makes you think its thinner but in fact it is slightly deeper than the original iPhone. I agree with many people who say that this plastic backing is prone to scratching and that is why I’m going to have a case on it 24/7 although its a shame to cover it as I believe its the best bit of the exterior. I’m in a bit of rush so I’ve kept in quick for now but the full review will be more in depth…

From what I’ve done so far with iTunes I have had no trouble syncing all my music and videos over so I have been scrolling over the App store for hours.  There are truly hundreds of Apps and with a majority being free there truly is something for everyone.  I’m going to continue my app quest and review some on my site and I’ll also post up a detailed review of the iPhone 3G next week.

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