Get excited for Euro 2012 with the KIA Dubstep Contest!

So you think you are a good dancer then? Everybody can move to the top songs in the chart but what about the Dubstep genre? The Kia Dubstep Competition is currently running with a chance to win a trip to the European football Championship and a brand new Kia Picanto. All you need to do is dance to Flux Pavillion – I Can’t Stop. Easy right? If you’re eager to get going then enter at Here is my entry:

I decided to enter the competition and, with my friend Luke, we planned, shot and edited our entry within 9 hours. To see a Dubstep Contest teaser video you can visit Kia’s YouTube page Now neither of us knew how to dance to Dubstep so it would be a challenge! It was a pioneering venture to come up with an original idea to differentiate our entry. We went for the battle off ‘Dubstep style’ and hence the creation of two characters. First you have the confident, award winning suited and booted dancer, and then you have the committed secret Dubstep individual. The recording brought several challenges and it allowed me to experiment with Final Cut Pro X for the first time since I bought it. Obviously during the main fight scene the image was cut in the middle and the two separate clips of the dancing combined to make it look like they were facing each other. However it did not all go smoothly. It was the first real footage shot with my Canon 550D and after the recording I’ve learnt to remember to turn off most of the auto settings. Unfortunately in a few shots the camera changed exposure automatically and made it hard to sync in the overall video. Then again you learn through your mistakes and the project was extremely fun!

So whether you are a Dubstep fan or you just want to go to Euro 2012, then why not enter the competition now! Here is the basic information:

  • Your entry does not have to be amazing… but you do need to make a genuine dance attempt! Be creative, don’t take yourself too seriously and most importantly, have fun!
  • All entries must have the dubstep tune from DJ Flux Pavilion “I Can’t Stop” within their entry. This is the song you are dancing to!
  • Participants can enter alone or as a team (there is no limit to participants) but please keep in mind that a maximum of 2 can claim the prize to Euro 2012.
  • Minors (under the age of 18) are not permitted to qualify for selection as one of the finalists but they can contribute to the video.
  • The 8 finalists will win a trip to Euro 2012 that will include flights, hotels and a ticket to watch the Euro 2012 opening match in Warsaw, Poland.
  • The grand prize winner will receive a new Kia Picanto.

You can even find a helpful Dubstep tutorial alongside the terms and conditions at The competition closes on the 13th May so you have plenty of time to make an entry!

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