F1 2011 British ‘Silverstone’ 10 Lap Race Commentary

Round 9 of the F1 championship sees the sport return to the home of British Motorsport. Here is the Silverstone race commentary! No rain I’m afraid compared to what is happening this weekend but it’s still an exciting one! Leave a comment below on what you think is the key turning point.




  1. WeiHoong says:

    I like the part that you’ve pited early. I do it in my game as well so I wil be happy to win this race.
    and have you forget to put the Valencia race commentary

  2. WeiHoong says:

    and dazz. don’t go to jaring. go to gmail. my email is wei.chan.21@nexus.edu.my

  3. Jack Cawthorn says:

    hay went to silverstone this year i got lucky saw everything great race soft tyers did not work properly.

  4. frankie says:

    Fantastic the game f1

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