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A message to all my YouTube subscribers

Another way to charge your camcorder battery…

Now this may seem strange but for some reason my Canon FS100 camcorder which I’ve only had since August has ceased charging through the supplied cable.  After some testing with a complicated multimeter no power seems to be getting to the camcorder so the charger [...]

Fifa 09 Last minute goal against Hull City

Due to the wonders of EA’s Sportsworld and the ability to save and upload your best replays is a great feature. Ok so I’ve only had the game a week and I haven’t scored an absolute screamer yet but I thought I’d test the feature [...]

UNBOXING: Philips DAB Clock Radio AJB4500

Think about it. Your alarm clock is probably your most used gadget in the house.  Whether you use it to listen to some tunes or to wake you up for work in the morning it is vitally placed in our everyday lives.  So when my [...]