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REVIEW: Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPhone/iPod/iPad

REVIEW: Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPhone/iPod/iPad

Do you want that retro gaming feel back in your hands? Well Atari have released over 100 games to feed your nostalgic needs, and all in ONE app! Let me know if you are going to return to the arcade craze in the comment box [...]

REVIEW: WorldCard Contacts for iPhone

Does your iPhone really do want you want it to as a phone? The WorldCard Contacts App brings the focus back onto the role of a phone with added business card ability, social media integration and more. But do you think it’s worth it? Let [...]

REVIEW: WorldCard Mobile App for the iPhone/iPod Touch

If you’ve ever used business cards you’ll understand the trouble of keeping all the ones you’re given. So ‘WorldCard Mobile’ attempts to eradicate the problem by analysing all the data from an image and converting it into an address book entry on your device. Does [...]

REVIEW: Back to the Future Part 1 HD for the iPad

It’s finally come out for the iPad and I take a look at the first game of the 5 part BTTF series. ¬†What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below Check out my channel for more game reviews, tech advice and [...]