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WTR Ep 8: NEW Playstation Phone, BTTF and also the DEATH of Wii Speak!!

Yes it’s December already and here’s your Weekly Tech Roundup as usual! You love it really! In this episode we look at the leaked information on the Playstation Phone, also the upcoming Back to the Future game as well as some little Nintendo news! Don’t [...]

GarageBand: How to Make it Sound like a Phone Call

Audio production technique, whether it be for radio features or a video, Garageband on the Mac gives an easy way to manipulate sound. It is really easy as well to make a recording sound like its on a phone call! If you have any other [...]

The Verdict: iPhone 3G 16GB Review

After initially getting my iPhone 3G and its first impressions I spent time playing around and tweaking it to my settings and requirements.  I’ve had experience with smart phones and PDAs before so I knew what standard I was expecting before I used it.  Also [...]

How to get free iPhone Ringtones and install them

Whenever anyone gets a new phone they have to go through the countless customisable options like changing sound settings.  The ringtone is one of the most important ones and when with friends they can either make you feel cool or a bit of an idiot [...]