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The future of advertising? Microsoft Tag Reader for the iPhone

Microsoft’s second application for the iTunes App store is one exclusive for the iPhone by using the in built camera. Using technology similar to bar codes the Tag Reader will decode a specific Microsoft rendered tag and follow the action. Whether it’s taking you to [...]

New SD/MMC/RS-MMC USB card reader

With all these flash based card devices around nowadays most home consumer level computers are coming with multi-card readers built in.  Some new laptops are gaining this luxury, although it is something Apple has chosen to omit from it’s Macbook notebook range, and not knowing [...]

32 GB SD HC Card. Yes they really exist

Yes so many of you know I just bought a Canon FS100 Camcorder and with many electronics moving towards flash or non moving parts media I thought I should expand mine.  Now SD cards have been around for years but the new version (2.0 you [...]