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NEW iPODs UNVEILED! Shuffle, Touchscreen Nano and a Touch with HD Camera!! PICS

On the 1st September Apple and Steve Jobs unveiled a whole new product range of iPods (some as a surprise) ready for the 2010 holiday season. A new Shuffle, Nano and Touch all look great but what do you think?? Will you be getting one?

REVIEW: Exspect iPhone Protective Gaming Grip

Ever since game developers came to the Apple iPhone portable platform, people have been hampered by the touch controls for some games.  I’ve found especially for driving games and where you need to hold the device in the landscape orientation, problems can arise.  The Exspect [...]

Photo Tweet App Review for the iPhone or iPod Touch

There are many many Twitter applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch and this is yet another one.  However Photo Tweet doesn’t control all your Twitter mobile needs but instead takes on the image idea and that’s all it does.  Is it enough for a [...]

How to be ready if you're about to get an iPhone. My Top 10 Tips!

More and more people are wanting iPhones, and I don’t blame them! It really is a great device and it’s not until you get one do you realise how you can’t live without it.  If you’re thinking of getting one soon I thought I’d put [...]