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My iPhone Applications

I wanted to share with you what I have on my iPhone. Loads of games and useful applications but I normally keep it quite tidy and remove rubbish apps as soon as I’ve tried them. If you want any more info on any of them [...]

Airport Mania for the iPhone/iPod Touch Review

Imagine having the stress of having to land,co-ordinate,refuel,fix and take off planes on a minute by minute basis? Well Airport Mania is exactly that and Mania is what it seems like. With a rather cartoony clean graphical approach you are in charge of the airport. [...]

How to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a digital photo frame

Digital photo frames have really caught on recently, especially during the past holiday season but considering all it is an SD reader with a screen they can be expensive.  If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch and on a tight budget but still want something to [...]

Air Mouse Pro for the iPhone/iPod Touch – Remote Control App

If you work in an office environment you’ve probably played with a Powerpoint clicker remote allowing you walk around the room proudly while you click away wowing your audience with your presentation. Now my point being is that I like, no I LOVE the feeling [...]